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Overcome stage fright and fear of public speaking

The fear of public speaking is often cited as our number one fear. Surveys report people are more afraid of making a presentation than they are of spiders, snakes, being eaten by a shark or being struck by lightning. Some are more afraid of death itself. As Jerry Seinfeld remarked, “They would rather be in the box than giving the eulogy over the box.”

We are born with two fears – the fear of public speaking is not one of them. It is a learned fear; therefore one that can be “unlearned” as well.

Clapping300DSOur presentations skills training will help you overcome your fear your fear of public speaking, alleviate your stage fright and nervous habits, and conquer your fright-fight-flight syndrome that will allow you to give more effective presentations.

In our public speaking training workshop you will learn the techniques to overcome any fear of public speaking you may have prior to presenting, and then somehow seems to increase during your presentation. You will learn the techniques that professional voice artists and narrators use in front of the microphone – how to control the voice, voice placement, and other speech dynamics techniques to capture and hold your audience.

You will also learn the 12 steps to a successful presentation, how to create a PowerPoint with imagery and not script, and then use that PowerPoint as a visual message reinforcement and not as a backward-facing Teleprompter. (Never turn your back on the audience – Rule 19.) You will also learn how to handle even the toughest Q&A and turn negative questions into a positive response.

Instruction and Materials

We believe training should be fun, lively, and most of all informative. Our presentation skills training workshops include some pretty lively instruction, your on-camera presentations (yes, you make a presentation or two) with follow-on critique and positive reinforcement. If you typically use PowerPoint in your presentation, we’ll take a look at that and give you suggestions on how to improve it, how to use it as a visual message reinforcement, and not to turn around and read the slides to your audience (Death by PowerPoint).

A key element of our presentation skills training includes tips and techniques on how to eliminate your fear of public speaking, how to channel stage fright and other nervous habits into positive energy, and come across as a more confident and dynamic presenter. We also have some fun practical exercises to help you develop a presentation “on-the-spot.” (You never know when your boss may turn to you in a meeting and say, “Tell us something more about that.” This exercise teaches you to think on your feet and deliver with new-found confidence.)

Training also comes with our Presentation Skills and Speech Dynamics Workbook.

We provide the professional recording equipment (camera, microphones, etc.). We ask that you provide a setting (a conference room or training center) with a flat screen TV, devoid of distractions, and large enough to accommodate your group.

Call or email us today and let us help you and your staff become more dynamic, effective, and confident presenters.

Call 888.656.1984 or use the contact submission form. With our money-back guarantee, all you have to lose is the biggest stumbling block to your success – your fear of public speaking. Find out more.


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